Detox Your Skin with Shinso

Detox Your Skin with Shinso

Around the holidays, it’s easy for our skin to change. Between the cold wind and weather and indulging in not-so-healthy foods and alcohol, all these factors can affect the quality and appearance of your skin. After the holidays, you’ll most likely want to detox your skin, so here are some tips and tricks.

Use products with good-for-you ingredients. Shinso skincare products are a great option for detoxing your skin from chemicals, bacteria and oils and replenishing them with ingredients that are good for you. These ingredients include various minerals, deep sea water and more.

Drink plenty of water. You’ll want to stay hydrated to maintain the balance in your skin, so make sure to drink 8 glasses or more of water per day. Water will also flush the toxins out of your skin, which is key when detoxing. Also look for fruits and veggies, which are full of water, and add those into your diet.

Use clean makeup & brushes. Did you know that expired makeup or dirty, not-cleaned brushes can cause skin problems? To combat this, bi-annually go through your makeup collection and throw away anything that’s expired or has changed texture, color or scent. Then wash your makeup brushes in makeup brush cleaner, or a gentle soap and water mixture.

Give yourself a facial. Full facials include exfoliation of dead skin, a deep cleansing to remove dirt, debris and blackheads and then extremely precise moisturizer. Indulge in quality products and pamper yourself during this time- you deserve it!