Nao Tsuruta

I launched the skincare brand because I know all about water.

After graduating high school in Japan, I moved to the United States as non-English speaker. I got a degree in aerospace and mechanical engineering from Arizona State University in the U.S. After that, I had got a job at a major crane company and participated in various overseas projects, including the position of general manager of the sales and engineering section of the Asia Pacific region. I also have built a career by launching Japanese affiliated companies. My representative projects are the first large-scale development of a desalination facility in Singapore, and a second one on the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. Aside from that, I started to work on a service known as Aqua Clara, Inc. which is a water delivery service company in Japan. It’s almost impossible to describe my steps here, but the basis of my work has always been the connection to water. A company which I supported won for the prestigious Global Water Awards 2013(GWI Awards 2013) in category of the Industrial Water Sustainability Awards.

The Skincare Brand was founded by a Rocket Scientist

Shinso SKIN CARE was born from a combined of my comprehension and experience that focusing on water along with the wonderful power of Japanese nature can bring great healing qualities. I created the products over the years such as developing Shinso’s unique ageing care. I monitored the products in the United States which was the base of my life at that time. Then I received very positive words across many segments of that rich, multicultural society. Also, it seems unique that its the skincare brand developed by a scientist who specializes in rocket engineering. It’s a brand with roots strongly based on the power of Japanese nature, although these are hit products all over the world such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Singapore. I strongly believe it can be fully expanded to Japan in the form of reimport. I hope that you will experience the healing power of “Shinso SKIN CARE”


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